Deadline to enroll for travel in 2021 is FEB. 29

We are  committed to excellence with an emphasis on discipleship to prepare our students to impact their world for Christ as they understand that the whole world belongs to God and that His compassion extends to all. To help develop this worldview, each year we are committing the week before spring break as IMPACT week. It is considered part of our curriculum and required for all students. There are travel experiences and daytime only experiences. Students will have educational and service opportunities that will allow them to observe, serve, explore and experience their world outside a traditional classroom.


We covet your prayers and input as we implement unique learning experiences on campus, on trips,  and  with various ministries at home and abroad. 


          WHAT TO DO

1.  As a family carefully and prayerfully consider all options.  While we will not prohibit a student from repeating an IMPACT experience, we will give preference  to  ones who have not had the experience.

2.  Have questions? or call/text  Linda Halley at 865-310-0729


3.  Enrollment for daytime only experiences will open in the fall.  Parents will be sent a google form to fill out and submit.  You must choose 4 1/2 days worth of experiences.  We encourage you to make your decision promptly.  After October 1, any student not enrolled will be assigned to a no or low cost IMPACT experience.   


4.  We request that a parent enroll each student and use the parent's email to register.  

5.  All courses are M - Th 8:00 am to 3:00 pm; Fri 8:00 am to 11:30 am unless otherwise noted. 

6.  TRAVEL EXPERIENCES:  Enrollments for trips can begin as soon as the first information meeting 

      for parents and students has taken place.  It is best to sign up the year before the trip.  Group size

      varies according to the experience.  Parents are welcome as long as there is an open spot.  


Tel. 865-521-6054  ext. 226 I