Day: Drivin' Me Crazy

Do you need to take Driver's Ed? This week is a great opportunity to do so. Drive Rite School will be on campus to provide the classroom instruction and individual driving lessons to meet the criteria for insurance discounts.  Check with your insurance company to see MINIMUM AGE requirements and insurance discount before signing up.

Cost: $375  includes gas, insurance, AAA "How to Drive" course with all manuals, videos, classroom instruction and individual driving.  YOU WILL PAY DRIVE RITE directly.

There will be 2 instructors available for the individual driving that will take place after the week of classes is completed.

If a student needs more time to master the material, he may do so at the Drive Rite office by arrangement with the instructor.

Minimum:  6 students

Info: or Drive Rite directly

Bring:  loose leaf paper for notes, pen and lunch each day

Tel. 865-521-6054  ext. 226 I