Great American Road Trip












High school guys (9-12 grade)    will make all the decisions as we strike out West (or South or North or East)    to explore the great American wilderness.   We will start the trek  by learning the basics of camping, trail cooking, wilderness first aid, and navigation with an expert trail guide with hundreds of hours of experience.   Break the city mold for a few days, and see what it's like to be Indiana Jones. 

Dates:  TBA - in & around March  9-13 2020

Cost:   max $400

Who:   8 HS guys   (only a few spots left)

-students must be physically  able to hike approximately 8-10 miles  per day

-students must be physically able  to carry their own gear (clothes, food,   sleeping bags, necessities, etc)

-hiking and camping experience helpful, but not necessary

-part of the experience is    plan ning and  preparing 

-parents will be consulted and give final approval on destination(s)