Embark on a service trip to


Gethsemane International rescues orphans in Kenya and creates godly homes for them. This trip is designed to give students the opportunity to minister to these once-abandoned children while experiencing the unique Kenyan culture!  Come love on and invest in these precious, once-abandoned children! They are joy-filled when visitors spend time with them and you will be richly blessed!


  • Trip is scheduled for March 11 - 25, 2017.


  • $2,000 per applicant

  • Cost includes:

    • Rooms, on-site meals, local transportation​

    • One-day Safari trip

  • Cost does not include:

    • Airfare to and from Nairobi​ (current round trip airfare from Atlanta is approximately $852 but that cost will increase as we get closer to the trip date.

    • Entry and visa fees

Team Information

  • Team Leader: Mark Little 

  • Trip must have a minimum of 12 team members

  • Open to students in grades 9-12


Q: Who are the children in the home?

A: Nairobi is the largest city between Cairo, Egypt and Johannesburg, South Africa. It is also home to a huge population of homeless children. In a developing country, poverty affects many, especially the weak and vulnerable. Most of the children at Gethsemane's home in Nairobi were orphaned because of diseases or sinful choices.

The children come from a variety of tribes and backgrounds. Most of the children in the home are between the ages of 8 and 18. All of them are students.

Q: Who is Gethsemane International?

A: An organization begun by a missionary couple who were serving in Nairobi, Gethsemane has been caring for the children of Nairobi for the past 12 years. Led by Chip Maye, who now lives in Knoxville, the children are given parents, a home, clothing, education, and medical care through the sponsors and private donations.

Q: Who will be allowed to go?

A: Because we will be serving an existing, Christian ministry, all those interested in the trip must complete an application, be interviewed, and attend preparation meetings in advance of the trip. Gethsemane requires a minimum of 12 students sign up for the trip.

Q: What will we be doing?

A: Gethsemane has a private school for K-8 on the grounds of their compound. BCS students will help the children with homework, work on a service project during the school day, and spend time playing with the children. We will also go to a Masai village to present the gospel and attend a church service. There will also be a safari day in a Kenyan national park in the Great Rift Valley.

Q: Is it safe?

A: Nairobi, as any big city in the world, has had issues with crime and even terrorism. However, the Gethsemane home is in a suburb called Ngong, about an hour's drive outside of Nairobi. There, the children live inside a walled enclosure with a night watchman to protect the gates. We will be together as a group throughout the trip. All transportation will be with private vehicles provided by Gethsemane.